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6th International Meeting & Expo on Wireless & Satellite Communications, will be organized around the theme “Satellite & Telecommunication for a Smarter World ”

Euro SatComm 2018 is comprised of keynote and speakers sessions on latest cutting edge research designed to offer comprehensive global discussions that address current issues in Euro SatComm 2018

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Telecommunication network is a study of terminal nodes, these nodes are connected together with the help of transmission links. These nodes are different types like packet switching , message switching and circuit switching to send the signal through the correct links and to reach the correct last terminal in the network each terminal have a unique address so that message and connection can be connected to the correct receives this collection of the addresses is called address space. Telecommunications can grow very fastly that can be use full for all kind of people like business need a greater communication network if they expand their company with different types of sources like internet, computer and telephone network.

  • Track 1-1 Wired communication
  • Track 1-2Mobile and Wireless communication
  • Track 1-3Global Telex network
  • Track 1-4The aeronautical ACARS network
  • Track 1-5Network structure
  • Track 1-6Advantage and disadvantage of telecommunication
  • Track 1-7Radio networks

Information and communications technology is an extend term for information technology it is also called convergence of audio-visual and telephone networks with computer networks through a single cabling or link system

  • Track 2-1Cloud computing
  • Track 2-2 Etymology
  • Track 2-3Technological capacity
  • Track 2-4Technologies for environmental sustainability
  • Track 2-5Mobile Web
  • Track 2-621st century skills

Telecommunications industry is a huge industry that make hardware, software and provide services Hardware includes enable communication across the entire planet which includes video broadcasting satellite, telephone handsets and fiber-optic transmission cables and so on Software makes it all work, from sending and receiving e-mail to relaying satellite data

  • Track 3-1Wireless and Satellite equipment Manufactures
  • Track 3-2Reach out and Touch someone
  • Track 3-3Point person
  • Track 3-4Modernizing operations

Communication satellite is artificial satellites that transmits and receive and amplifies radio tele communication signals. This process is performing at different location on earth. These communication satellites are used for television, telephone, radio, internet, and military applications. A group of satellites working in concert is known as a satellite constellation

  • Track 4-1Remote Sensing Satellites and GIS
  • Track 4-2Earth Observation Satellites
  • Track 4-3Space explorations
  • Track 4-4Satellite Radiance
  • Track 4-5Rocket Propulsion
  • Track 4-6Satellite models and applications

For centuries scientists, philosophers, and science fiction writers suspected that extra solar planets existed but there was no way of detecting them. Exoplanet or Extra solar planet is a planet outside of the solar system that orbit a star. In 1917 the first exoplanet was noticed but it was recognized as such the first confirmed detection was in 1992 The discovery of exoplanets has intensified interest in the search for extraterrestrial life

  • Track 5-1 Exocomet
  • Track 5-2Brown dwarf
  • Track 5-3Extragalactic Planets
  • Track 5-4Circumbinary planets
  • Track 5-5 Sun-like stars
  • Track 5-6 Extra-terrestrial life

Communication crisis is a sub-specialty of the public relations profession that is designed to protect and defend an individual, company, or organization facing a public challenge to its reputation it also refers to the perception of an unpredictable event that threatens important expectancies of stakeholders and can seriously impact an organization's performance and generate negative outcomes and crisis communication as "the collection, processing, and dissemination of information required to address a crisis situation.

  • Track 6-1Theories in crisis communication research
  • Track 6-2Categories of crisis management
  • Track 6-3Integrated crisis mapping (ICM) model
  • Track 6-4Image repair theory (IRT)
  • Track 6-5Crisis response strategy

A spacecraft is a vehicle manufactured to fly in outer space. They are used in various purposes, including communications, earth observation, meteorology, navigation, space colonization, planetary exploration, and transportation of humans. Spacecraft enters space and then returns to the surface, without having gone into an orbit. For orbital spaceflights, spacecraft enter closed orbits around the Earth or around other celestial bodies

  • Track 7-1Space Missions
  • Track 7-2Aerospace Design Engineering
  • Track 7-3Space Flight Mechanics
  • Track 7-4Materials Science in Space
  • Track 7-5Aircraft Stability and Control
  • Track 7-6Airship Design and Development

Aerospace is the human effort in science and engineering to fly in the atmosphere of Earth and surrounding space. Aerospace organizations research, design, manufacture, operate, or maintain aircraft and or spacecraft. Aerospace activity is very diverse, with a multitude of commercial, industrial and military applications. Aerospace is not the same as airspace, which is the physical air space directly above a location on the ground. 

  • Track 8-1Avionics
  • Track 8-2Aerodynamics
  • Track 8-3Applications of Aerospace Technology
  • Track 8-4Astronautics
  • Track 8-5Aeronautics

5G planning aims at higher capacity than current 4G, allowing a increasing in density of mobile broadband users, and supporting device-to-device, more easily.5G research and development also aims at lower latency than 4G equipment and lower battery consumption, for better implementation of the internet of things devices and autonomous cars -but to support the millions of devices invading our

  • Track 9-1Base Station Subsystem
  • Track 9-2Cellular repeater
  • Track 9-3Advantages and disadvantages of 5g
  • Track 9-4FemtocellSSs

A launch vehicle is a rocket that throws a satellite into orbit. ... Satellites are usually semi-independent computer-controlled systems. Satellite subsystems attend many tasks, such as power generation, thermal control, telemetry, attitude control and orbit control.

  • Track 10-1Attitude and orbit control system
  • Track 10-2Structural subsystem
  • Track 10-3Communication system
  • Track 10-4 Telemetry, tracking and command system
  • Track 10-5Thermal control subsystem
  • Track 10-6Power supply system

The first and still, most important application for communication satellites is in international telephony. Fixed-point telephones relay calls to an earth station, where they are then transmitted to a geostationary satellite. An analogous path is then followed on the downlink

  • Track 11-1Communication
  • Track 11-2Navigation
  • Track 11-3Earth observation
  • Track 11-4Risk management

Astronomical instrumentation are the tools used to observe objects and phenomena that occur in space. These can include both terrestrial and satellite-borne telescopes. High precision optical components such as mirrors and lenses at all wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum are crucial to the development of these devices.

  • Track 12-1Astrophysics Data System
  • Track 12-2Emerging Sources Citation Index
  • Track 12-3j-gate

Spacecraft design was born in the 50s and 60s with the advent of American and Russian space exploration programs. The design of spacecraft covers a vast area which includes both the design such as robotic space craft and space craft for human

  • Track 13-1Space craft software
  • Track 13-2Magnetometer
  • Track 13-3Automated cargo spacecraft
  • Track 13-4Reusable launch system
  • Track 13-5Sun sensors

A satellite is an object in space that orbits or circles around a bigger object. There are two kinds of satellites Natural such as the moon orbiting the Earth another is artificial. It transfer the Signals from one side of Earth to the other .The word satellite refers to a machine that is launched into space and moves around Earth or another body in space. Earth and the moon are examples of natural satellites. Thousands of artificial, or man-made, satellites orbit Earth.

  • Track 14-1Satellite crop monitoring
  • Track 14-2Mission assurance manager
  • Track 14-3Satellite Internet access

Radio astronomy is a subject of space science that tell about divine articles at radio frequencies. The main discovery of radio waves from a galactic protest was in 1932, when Karl Jansky at Bell Telephone Laboratories watched radiation originating from the Milky Way. Radio stargazing is led utilizing vast radio recieving wires alluded to as radio telescopes, that are either utilized uniquely, or with numerous connected telescopes using the procedures of radio interferometry and opening union.

  • Track 15-1Gamma-ray astronomy
  • Track 15-2Infrared astronomy
  • Track 15-3Radar astronomy
  • Track 15-4X-ray astronomy
  • Track 15-5Atacama Large Millimeter Array

Space climate is an investigation of room material science and aeronomy worried about the time changing conditions inside the Solar System, including the sun oriented breeze, underlining the space encompassing the Earth, incorporating conditions in the magnetosphere, ionosphere and thermosphere. Space climate is particular from the earthbound climate of the Earth's air. What's more, it is additionally allude to the natural conditions in Earth's magnetosphere

  • Track 16-1Plasma physics
  • Track 16-2Geomagnetic storm
  • Track 16-3Atmospheric physics
  • Track 16-4Solar energetic particles
  • Track 16-5Sudden ionospheric disturbance