Euro Satcomm Organizing Committee

Fairouz Kamareddine

Professor of Computer Science
Heriot-Watt University United Kingdom
United Kingdom

Biography: Dr. Fairouz Kamareddine is a Professor in the department of mathematic ReadMore...

Research Interest: Mathematics and Computer sciences.

Benjamin Kevin Malphrus

Executive Director
Space Science Center, Morehead State University USA

Biography: Dr. Benjamin K. Malphrus is Professor of Space Science at Morehead Sta ReadMore...

Research Interest: Microsatellite and Picosatellite systems engineering, Satell ReadMore...

Timothy Sands

Associate Dean
The Naval Postgraduate School, USA

Biography: Timothy Sands completed his Ph.D. at the Naval Postgraduate School and ReadMore...

Research Interest: Communications, Korean Affairs, Chinese, Defense Systems Acq ReadMore...

Najib A. N. Odhah

Scientist System Design
Wireless Broadband Communication System, .IHP, Frankfurt (Oder) Germany

Biography: Najib Odhah received the BSc, MSc, and Ph.D. from the Faculty of Elect ReadMore...

Research Interest: wireless communications

Russell Mathers

Executive Director
AF Nuclear Command, Control and Communications Center USA

Biography: Russell Mathers is currently Executive Director at AF Nuclear Command, ReadMore...

Research Interest: B-2 and B-52 nuclear and conventional background, Pacific Ri ReadMore...

Nicolas H Younan

Department Head
Mississippi State University

Biography: Nicolas H Younan is currently the Department Head and James worth Bagl ReadMore...

Research Interest: Remote Sensing

James H. Newman

Former NASA Astronaut
The Naval Postgraduate School, USA

Biography: Daniel Wheeler Bursch is a former NASA astronaut, and Captain of the U ReadMore...

Research Interest: Space Systems, Astronautics, Aerospace

Leonard Kabeya Mukeba Yakasham

National Program for Spatial Research and Technology

Biography: Professor Doctor Engineer Leonard Kabeya Mukeba Yakasham received the ReadMore...

Research Interest: Aerospace and mechanical engineering, Fluids mechanics, Appl ReadMore...

Hamid Ali Abed Al-asadi.

Professor at Computer Science Dept.
Education College For Pure Science, Basra University.

Biography: Currently he is working as Professor at Department of Computer Science ReadMore...

Research Interest: My research focuses is Computer and Communication Network En ReadMore...

Michael Keidar

The George Washington University

Biography: Michael Keidar is a Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Aero ReadMore...

Research Interest: Aerospace engineering, Biomedical engineering Fluid mechan ReadMore...

Timothy Sands

associate prof
The Naval Postgraduate School, USA
United Kingdom

Biography: hii

Research Interest: hii

Petra Perner

Institute of Computer Vision and Applied Computer Sciences

Biography: Petra Perner (IAPR Fellow) is the director of the Institute of Compute ReadMore...

Research Interest: Data Reduction and coding methods for satellite Communicatio ReadMore...

Bharat K. Bhargava

Professor of computer science
Purdue University

Biography: Professor Bharat Bhargava a professor of computer science at Purdue Un ReadMore...

Research Interest: Cloud and Network Security, V2V safety, privacy and Autonomo ReadMore...